We had to do some errands today to wrap up business around the art show. So we first went to Fabricator, the fabrication studio workspace. The place was located in a decaying industrial park turned startup-alley. The startup complex was the only new thing in this area. Took a small tour of the studio, met some people and took off towards IZONE with some materials.

IZONE is a huge factory turned arts campus on the edge of the river. Five (+?) floors of art/creative workspaces. I spent some time with the work in the main gallery, a show focused on examining environmental problems. One piece was x-rays of vegetables grown near the Chernobyl exclusion zone. We had lunch in the cafe there, transferred some video, then went upstairs to the second gallery where Tiare's show was installed. The work was from around 30 artists in groups reimagining the future of Kyiv and Ukraine using speculative design.

Rested at home for a bit then went out for dinner with some Ukranian friends. Walked along the river again, and one friend asked us to help throw his huge bag of coins into the river, as he was leaving town the next day. By the handfuls we threw them in. I guess it's a tradition when you leave Kyiv.
Updated on April 9, 2018
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