Started the day in Nara with bread+egg+ham from konbini and another BOSS coffee, I might be hooked. They are in practically every vending machine and there are so many variations to try. We packed up the house and rolled our bags down towards the station. With an hour to kill we had konbini lunch by the lake and made it to the station to catch our train to Osaka.

It was a 1.5 hour ride for Y710. We walked from the station and found our amazing top floor apartment between a park and a river. It's a great relaxed spot inside the big city. The apartment is twice as big as the last one, with a full kitchen and outdoor patio. We have to abide by Bamboo's strict rules though.

We walked to a nearby ramen shop and had the most umami tonkatsu I have ever tasted. Then took an hour walk to Dōtonbori while the sky became dark. We walked through what appeared to be the red light district just outside of the tourist district. It was a little more grimy and had many discreet signs for gentlemen's clubs and room rentals. It became more obvious the closer we got to Dōtonbori.

Dōtonbori is extremely well lit with bright signs and colored lights. The colors reflect beautifully off the river running through the district. There are shops and restaurants everywhere with huge sculptures above their entrances, loud music and attractions. We visited a few stores but the district quickly became overwhelming as throngs of people filled the streets. We were also exhausted from walking and traveling, so we found a cab and made our way back to the sweet apartment. I got a biru with cheese snacks and a ham sandwich from konbini. This was a record high (low?) of three konbini meals in one day.

Updated on September 5, 2017
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