Started the day with a BOSS coffee, they're pretty good. Struggled to find a place for breakfast because most places are closed on Monday and the tourists usually come on the weekends. Came across a wooden toy museum with replicas of classic toys. We found a small cafe in the outdoor mall, had breakfast and walked to the konbini. We gathered up some snacks and stopped by a free Nara museum on the way home, then walked to Nara park.

The park was much quieter on a weekday, but there were still plenty of friendly deer. I have a small brown coin bag, and the deer thought it was a cookie bundle and pressed its dirty wet nose on my pants, leaving a mud stain. A deer bullied this girl into giving up her whole cookie pack by nudging his head into her crotch. We sneakily bought some deer cookies while the nearby herd wasn't watching. The vendor was quick about it to not draw attention.

Every crinkling bag draws the attention of the deer. We fed some cute little ones that were separated from a herd. Some are more brave than others and some let you pet them without hesitation. They just love the cookies.

We checked out a few shrines in the park and walked back into the city the long way around. We went through the farmland on the edge of town, then later went to dinner and walked around at night.

Updated on September 4, 2017
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