We walked to a nearby cafe, on the way I got an Energy 8 Lifeguard drink from a vending machine. It tasted like red bull. We found the cafe, it was a living room in a house decorated with handmade crafts. The menus were handmade zine style, and they had a rabbit near the door. We were the only ones in there. I got a two-stack of huge tall pancakes.

Then we walked back near Nara station to reach the convenience store, where we got snacks and sunscreen. It's very hot and sunny. I got a pack of Chip Star, which is just like Pringles but smaller. We found a long outdoor mall full of shops and restaurants. Lots of similar stores with handmade crafts and clothing. This is where we found the owl cafe.

Outside the owl cafe was a greeter holding a white barn owl, letting people gently touch its head. We entered and paid $13 each to spend an hour with the owls. There were around 20 different owls, including a couple hawks and an eagle. They were all perched and tethered on the bar, and some were under the bar, and on or under the stairs. Some had signs indicating that they were biters or on break time. I had a giant owl called Picasso perch on my left arm. I also had a giant hawk named Alice fly to me and land on my arm and fly of again. Most of the owls seemed very relaxed.

We left the mall and walked into Nara park. The area we entered was much more open space with a handful of giant shrines and pagodas. A couple deer were looking tired in the hot sun so we sat with them and let them drink from our water bottles. (then we had to throw the bottles away.)

We made our way home, super tired but found a restaurant where I got a mushroom rice casserole. We visited the konbini (convinience store) one more time before heading home.

Updated on September 3, 2017
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