Up early to join Heath's workshop at 10 am. Croissant and Americano from Bebo on the way. Workshop was compulsory for the third year students, so decent crowd of 20 or so. Workshop was spent mostly learning to form new legal identities, as Heath had done for his exhibited piece. We got into the details and the philosophical reasons for doing so and also learned how to create our own value as artists.

In the workshop break I had lunch with Heath and another student in the cafeteria, not bad. Then gathered up for the Onion Tor again. Bigger group this time, since we directly instructed them to join. Again Android issues as usual, but overall felt successful. It was the last day of class for the students so enthusiasm did seem dry.

Finished the second few hours of the workshop, then smoked with a new friend in the woods near campus, and started back for the home. It was still early evening, and again didn't want to spend so long in the upstairs bedroom so went to my cafe spot by the theater in the mall. With the project finished and chapter closed I redirected for the actual theater and saw a movie. Went to Chiquito after for fajitas again and called it a day.

Updated on December 14, 2018
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