First day of the exhibition and first day of Onion Routing AR Walking Tors. Stopped for breakfast at Bebo- a croissant sandwich and Americano to go.

Arrived at the arts department of the university, still making code edits on the AR tour for an hour or so. Julian was concerned about Heath not arriving in time for the opening panel we were all speaking on at 1p.

Panel went great, a little impressed by myself to improvise answers, something I'm not normally good at. The format was helpful- instead of asking panelists to chime in on the topic the moderator asked us each to address the same question individually. Played like mini artist talks. Second panel was great to listen to- More in depth breakdown of privacy and data related topics.

Some students gathered up for the AR tour and it went somewhat smoothly. Of course there's always Android bugs and I saw mostly Androids in the group. A bit underwhelming for all the preparation but the long term benefit is more in the documentation of the piece.

Back to the gallery in time for the opening remarks and chatting with the students. The crew went for dinner and drinks at Red Lion and spent a little more time hanging at Julian's house nearby.

Updated on December 14, 2018
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