Feeling like I exhausted the opportunities of this town I took the rail to Kings Cross, a 25 minute ride. I walked a bit having 0 reference for where I was or what was around. Got a half English breakfast at a French Cafe, but had to pay with cash and visited the ATM in the hostel next door.

Fed up with wifi hopping I spent $25 on a sim card with 6gb data. It's totally easy to get one and takes a couple minutes.

Still needing orientation I stopped at the British Library and conducted research to identify interesting galleries and museums. Being Sunday most were closed and I didn't want to go to a museum with just a couple hours before closing.

I walked aimlessly again finding Wunjo Keys and the queer/Broadway/music district. Visited a few record shops, grabbed some free zines but ultimately wanted to get back to Hatfield before it got too late. the sun was already down. Walked back to Kings Cross and caught the Great Northern back.

Not wanting to spend the evening only in the upstairs bedroom I went to claim my cafe spot next to the theater again for some laptopping. Theater lobby and cafe were packed on a Sunday night so went back downstairs for "Mexican" food at Chiquito. Ordered chips with the fajitas expecting tortilla chips, but got fries instead.

Updated on December 14, 2018
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