Checked out of the flat early and ten minutes walk with bags to a local favorite cafe (according to yelp). Made it before the downpour really got going, but still got soggy toes. Got a "sandwich" called the posh pig, including black pudding (black from blood), machango and chorizo jam. I noticed that some people have accents that I almost can't understand at all, yet I know they can understand me perfectly.

Now to make it to University of Hertfordshire the route was 1.5 hour, with two busses and a train, in the pouring rain. I opted to take an uber for $70 for an hour ride :(

I met with my university contact and spent the rest of the day helping prepare the gallery and mapping out the AR Walking Tor.

Checked into my new airbnb, a very cozy upstairs room in a Russian family's house. Met my contact for dinner at a local pub, where they were having a special christmas dinner event. My dinner, "toad in the hole" was absolutely massive.

Updated on December 8, 2018
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